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Tuesday, May 18, 2004


Correspondence on Langer and the CPA (M-L)

Posted by Fabian Hammer at Oliver Kramm's Beyond the fringe II

Albert Langer was Australia's original Maoist "Jew" against Zionism. His own polemics against Israel are not available online but others have documented how the anti-Zionist line of Brother Langer and the Communist Party of Australia (Marxist-Leninist) -- of which he was Vice-Chairman -- “introduced pro-Palestine positions into the Australian Left” (see The CPA (M-L) and Political/Industrial Violence: Rationale And Results).

That, of course, was during the early to mid 1970s when Brother Albert and the CPA (M-L) had the City of Melbourne enthralled with violent demos, indiscrete armed militia training and calls for a united front of “patriotic classes” for, variously, the overthrow of US imperialism or Soviet social-imperialism (see Living by the Little Red Book, by Mark Dapin, "Good Weekend" 2003-12-13. The Age, Melbourne).

Nowadays you can can’t but notice Brother Langer’s postings to international blogs promoting his “pseudo-left” catch-phrase – but you’ll search the web forever looking for his explanation or self-criticism of four decades of political arrogance and ideological failure.

Brother Langer’s sudden discarding of his anti-Zionist line in favour of the “Palestinian [!?!] compromise offer for a two state solution made long ago” (see this thread) is equally vacuumous.

He insists that “Zionists cannot be our allies, let alone our friends” (see thread It really is extremely stupid) but advocates a position that has been overwhelmingly supported by the people of Israel since their State was established and has been the basis of every Israeli peace deal proffered to neighbouring states or the PLO!

Brother Langer has indicated that, yawn, he’s “not really interested in this debate” and “can't promise further replies on this topic, as there are far more important things going on in the world”.

But I will be waiting breathlessly for him to “try to put up” a meaningful insight into how he has developed “some of this stuff.” Perhaps it is time for Harry or the soon-to-be blogger-bludgers at ‘Socialism in an Age of Waiting’ to help Brother Langer get his cutting-edge, www.lastsuperpower.net website “fully functional again.”


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