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Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Correspondence on Langer and the late Jim Bacon

Posted by Will at Harry's Place's Smartening ourselves up

Mr Hammer: According to their great leader's latest musings, being red is better than expert: "There is no great distance from effectively leading rebellious students and workers to effectively leading governments."

The quote Mr Hammer refers to is from here.

Well I think he may be onto something. Didn't stop this fella either.

And as for expertise/experts surely that's a matter of being able to examine the evidence and not a reliance on authorities/technocracy. In day-to-day life, as in science, we all resist fundamental paradigm change. Social scientist Jay Stuart Snelson calls this resistance an ideological immune system: "educated, intelligent, and successful adults rarely change their most fundamental presuppositions".

According to Snelson, the more knowledge individuals have accumulated, and the more well-founded their theories have become (and remember, we all tend to look for and remember confirmatory evidence, not counterevidence), the greater the confidence in their ideologies. The consequence of this, however, is that we build up an "immunity" against new ideas that do not corroborate previous ones.

I get the impression you are an 'expert' (or maybe a stalker of) on Mr Langer.

I know I'd rather be a bad communist than some right wing freak. You're not the former.


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