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Saturday, October 16, 2004


A tragic report of brutal, religious persecution

Hamish McDonald writes in the Sydney Morning Herald: “A small nameplate beside the high, burnished metal gates announces the building inside as ‘Guangzhou City Law School’. But this grimy industrial area on the outskirts of China's great southern commercial metropolis is an unlikely place for an academic institution.

“No students are visible. The only signs of life are the black official cars and police vans that come and go through the forbidding gates. Nearby, across the Pearl River, is a grim set of barracks, called Chatou, behind high walls and watchtowers.

“According to one woman who has been inside, the school is a front for a state gulag, where police re-educate followers of Falun Dafa, a quasi-religious movement based on meditation and taichi-like exercises that was banned by the Government five years ago as a 'dangerous cult'.

" ‘It is a brainwashing centre - one of many in China, almost one in every district,’ says Tang Yiwen, a slight and soft-spoken 37-year-old interpreter who was grabbed off the street by police in February and taken to the Guangzhou institution. ‘It is said to be one of the most brutal.’

“She said the inmates are mostly Falun Gong followers who, like her, have refused to renounce their beliefs even after serving three to four years in brutal labour camps like the one across the river …” Full story at Inside China's brainwashing gulag

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