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Tuesday, November 23, 2004


If You Go Carryin' Pictures of Chairman Mao ...


To the Communist Party of China, ‘Mao Zedong Thought’ was never a change to universal Marxism-Leninist ideology but its development through application to Chinese conditions. Nowadays, the CPC’s ‘people's democratic dictatorship’ and its ‘socialist market economy’ is guided more by ‘Deng Xiaoping Theory’ and the ‘Three Represents’ and the radicalism of its defining Chairman is as quarantined as Lilburne’s Levellers and Röhm's brown shirts in their waning days.

Worldwide, beyond the control of the PRC security forces (and, perhaps, biding their time within), hundreds of Maoist political organisations disagree. To them Maoism remains “
a spiritual atom bomb of infinite power” and the political and military blueprint for defeating ‘US imperialism’, for the struggle against (and sometimes allying with) the ‘last’ superpower’s ‘Coalition of the Willing’ and for leading numerous people’s wars of liberation to victory and then through to the realisation of communism.

Maoist insurrectionist weekly round-up

Nepal Battles: Over 200 fighters of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) are believed killed in an attack on their Pandaun sub-regional training centre by Nepal government security forces. Elsewhere (23 Nov) a landmine placed by Maoists blew up a vehicle carrying five staffers of the Parsa Wildlife Conservation Area in Belawa forest of Parsa, killing all five; security forces gunned down one Maoist area committee member and arrested six others when they were attempting to extort money in Bastipur VDC-5 of Siraha district; Maoists tried to storm the police office at the Nepalgunj district headquarters; Maoists blocked all roads leading to Gulariya and detonated bombs in the municipality; a police inspector was killed and two other officers injured by underground bomb planted by the Maoists at the Nuwakot police training centre (22 Nov) and a seven-year-old boy and a three-year-old girl were killed while playing with a stray bomb placed by the Maoists on the window of Bhairab Pre-Primary School building; the office of the Annapurna Post (20 Nov) was damaged when a bomb planted by Maoists exploded in the toilet of a printing press located in the basement; an eight year old boy, a 60 year old man and a young man, all belonging to Naumule village of Dailekh district, were killed by a group of 20 armed persons, who also abducted six villagers, because of the community's open opposition to Maoist activities (20 Nov) and in Ghorahi Municipality of Dang the Maoists exploded a powerful bomb at the electricity distribution substation of the Nepal Electricity Authority disrupting electricity supply in the municipality; and Indra Bahadur Acharya, the deputy controller of examinations of Tribhuvan University, was killed in Pokhara by Maoist insurgents (19 Nov) who also burnt three bus passengers in Kapilvastu and Nawalparasi districts.

Naxal Terror Watch: The recent merger of the People’s War and the Maoist Communist Centre will “amplify” the Naxal threat, India's Home Minister Shivraj Patil said. The two Naxalite groups, now forming the Communist Party of India (Maoist) account for 90 per cent of deaths countrywide. There is “regular exchange of men and material” between the Naxalite groups with the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) with plans to spread into new areas to carve out a “compact revolutionary group”, spreading from Nepal, through Bihar and to the Dandakaranya region of AP".

Afghanistan Maoists Unite: Mobilised by the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, an organisation sponsored by the Revolutionary Communist Party,USA, a congress of Afghanistan Marxist-Leninist-Maoists has united the Communist Party of Afghanistan, the Organization of Struggle for the Liberation of Afghanistan and the Revolutionary Unity of Workers of Afghanistan into the new Communist Party of Afghanistan (Maoist). Financial assistance from the Communist Party of Iran (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) was acknowledged as was the inspiration of Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) and Communist Party of Peru "in the path of people's war". The CPA (M) will lead the "people's resistance movement" against the "US and its allies".

Shining Path Trial: Experts on the Communist Party of Peru's Shining Path insurgency are concerned about the state's lack of preparation for the upcoming retrial of the Maoist leader Abimael Guzman in a civilian court and warn it could lay the legal basis for hundreds of high-level guerrillas eventually being freed. Guzman, 69, founder and mastermind of a bloody insurgency initiated in 1980, was captured in 1992 and sentenced by a secret military tribunal to life in prison without parole. Last year, Peru's Constitutional Tribunal annulled Guzman's life sentence as unconstitutional and ordered him to be retried in a civilian court. A truth commission has blamed the Shining Path for 54 percent of the nearly 70,000 deaths caused by rebel violence and a brutal state backlash.

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