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Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Profile - Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

* US Maoist party controlled from France
* Promotes defeat of US and allies in Iraq
* Associated with listed terrorist groups

The Revolutionary Communist Party is a United States political organisation directed from Paris, France. Its ideology is 'Marxism-Leninism-Maoism' and its objective is to seize power in the USA and establish a 'Dictatorship of the Proletariat' under its exclusive control. It expects 'US imperialism' can only be toppled by armed struggle and has built an international alliance, the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, with Communist parties engaged in violent ‘People’s War’ in Asia and South America.

The RCP evolved from the Revolutionary Youth Movement II (RYM II) faction of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), the major USA campus force during the 1960s that was capable of mobilising hundreds of thousands of students nationwide for anti-Vietnam war activities. Following a power struggle in 1969, SDS split into three factions, each influenced by a version of the Marxist-Leninist view of the chairman of the Communist Party of China, Mao Zedong: the 'Worker Student Alliance' faction controlled by the Progressive Labor Party (PLP), the SDS National Office's 'anti-imperialist' Revolutionary Youth Movement (RYM I) which degenerated into the terrorist Weather Underground and RYM II, associated with the Bay Area Revolutionary Union of northern California.

Lead by a local Berkeley activist, Robert Avakian, the Revolutionary Union took advantage of the disintegration of SDS and expanded nationally through absorbing smaller Maoist-oriented groups. It suffered a split in 1971 when a senior leader, Stanford professor H. Bruce Franklin, left to form a short-lived, Guevarist-influenced terrorist group, Venceramos, which was committed to immediate armed struggle.

However Vietnam veteran Carl Dix was already organising the RU's infiltration of the militant 'Vietnam Veterans Against the War' whose leadership group at that time included John F Kerry. In April 1971, as a member of the VVAV's Executive Committee, Kerry testified before the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, accusing US soldiers of widely engaging in officially sanctioned war crimes in Vietnam. In November the VVAW leadership debated and voted down a plan to assassinate several pro-war US senators. Kerry subsequently resigned from the executive but continued to represent the organisation for several months. By April 1973, the RU dominated the organisation and refocussed it to "fight US imperialism". After a split in 1978 the Vietnam Veterans Against the War Anti-Imperialist continues the 'revolutionary' connection.

When the PLP condemned Mao Zedong for meeting US President Richard Nixon in 1972, the RU quickly positioned itself as the new leading 'Mao Zedong Thought' party in the USA and began a five year period of loyal support to the CPC through numerous foreign policy twists and turns. RU organiser C. Clark Kissinger established the US-China Peoples Friendship Association and RU leaders got to enjoy travelling extensively and lavishly in China as VIP guests.

By 1976, Avakian, Kissinger and Dix confidently turned the RU into the Revolutionary Communist Party but international events again intervened. The death of Mao Zedong that year was followed by the arrest and trial of Mao's wife and closest advisors ('Gang of Four’) and with the rise of Deng Xiaoping as paramount leader of the CPC, the RCP split again. In 1977, Avakian supported the 'Gang of Four' and denounced and expelled RCP central committee members M. Jarvis and L. Bergman and their supporters as “economists” and “revisionists”.

When Deng Xiaoping visited President Jimmy Carter in 1981, the RCP led protests at sites throughout Washington, DC and Avakian and others broke in to the White House grounds during the presidential welcome in the Rose Garden. As a result of criminal indictment for the break-in, reportedly threatening a 241 year prison sentence, Avakian fled to 'exile in Paris'.

Despite being denied status as a political refugee, Avakian continues to lead the RCP from France. Under the 'democratic centralist' rules of the party, Avakian's word is final. This is backed up by a 'personality cult' that portrays him to his US followers as a distant but all-knowing genius:

"Because I have followed and studied Chairman Avakian I do have answers and something to say to people! To know that there is somebody that we can have so much confidence in. let me tell you, things can get really crazy in the middle of such an intense struggle. We need to shift things--are we going to have Bush all puffed up and ready to rule the planet or are we going to have him with his pants pulled down in front of the world looking humiliated and naked? It's easy to stress out in the middle of all this, but it's important to step back for a minute and see that our Chairman is leading us to solve all these problems," is a typical accolade.

Avakian's residence in Europe in the 1980s put him at the hub of anti-American and third world radical movements including South America, Asia and the Middle East. Connections with extremists, from violent communists to Islamic Jihadists, were cultivated.

In October 1983 the RCP founded the ‘World Without Imperialism Contingent’ to block deployment of US Pershing and cruise missiles in West Germany and the RCP's Kissinger lead an eight-week tour of Germany through November-December. Already the WWIC contingent included members of the Communist Party of Peru (the 'Shining Light').

The RCP continued its activity in the anti-war movement within the United States. It was an initiator of 'No Business As Usual' in 1985, a national action day against anti-Soviet Union defences in Europe and the 'Refuse & Resist!' organization in 1987 which continues to work against national security preparations, even after the attacks on 11 September 2001. In 1992 the RCP and R&R openly supported what they called "the Los Angeles Rebellion," one of the worst riots in American history leaving 58 people dead, some 2,300 injured, and 5,300 buildings burned.

In the Middle East, the party had supported the Iranian Islamic revolution and sent cadres to visit the seized US embassy in Tehran. It subsequently opposed the US-lead liberation of Kuwait in 1991 and organized the 'Not In Our Name' organisation in the USA in 2002 to disrupt US assistance to the Northern Alliance against the Taliban and Al Queda in Afghanistan and against Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq.

The RCP is also sponsor of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM) established in London in 1984. It has developed into an effective international alliance of Maoist parties, including three known to be the most active insurrectionists in the world - the Communist Party of Peru, Communist Party of India (Maoist) and the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) - each of which have been listed on the US government's list of foreign terrorist organisations.

RIM's founding Declaration asserted: "Today ...the forces fighting for a revolutionary line are a small minority encircled and attacked by revisionists and bourgeois apologists of all stripes. Nevertheless, these forces represent the future."

And its 20th anniversary statement triumphed: “Today, the RIM's accomplishments, and the challenges before it, can be seen right in the immediate situation in Nepal, where the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), a participating party in the RIM, has led an eight-year-long people's war which is now approaching a struggle for countrywide power. Nepal, a small country, threatens to shake the South Asian subcontinent by inspiring hundreds of millions of oppressed.”

And of RCP’s role and commitment: “The RCP, USA has been part of these struggles in the RIM, and gladly takes up its responsibility to do all it can, facing all reactionary attacks, to advance the revolutionary struggle in the US, to work to strengthen the RIM, and to develop the heartfelt enthusiasm and deep support among the people for the revolutionary struggles led by the Maoists of the world.”

“To do all it can”.

Nice blog I have one myself great idea ebot

Both those guys are ASSHOLES! And they wonder why they get blacklisted as terrorists. Supporting race-riots in LA might be a good clue as to why. No wonder Avakian directs it from fagville.

As a sidenote, I've noticed that both parties claim to be Maoist. But Maoism's more fundamentally flawed because his legacy begins and ends with the people's war which has won way more respect than any of his political ideas which claims to be descended from Marxism-Leninism while, though he put a chinese wall around the 1st stage of socialism after the revolution and refused to go any further. And for such progress, people like Deng were slandered as "capitalist roaders".
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