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Friday, June 04, 2004


Correspondence on Langer and Last Superpower web

Posted by Fabian Hammer at Harry's Place's Saddam's Own Party

Nick Cohen heaps praise on the Greens for avoiding an alliance with the SWP. He also warns that those who join a coalition with the SWP will not find their shared “belief in a common cause” reciprocated. The SWP, he writes, “is never about opposition to war or the British National Party. It is always about the party's power”.

This adds to the campaign by Oliver Kamm to “reject and condemn anyone who would knowingly ally” with the SWP and its front organisations “let alone speak from those organisations' platforms”.

The irony is that “Harry's Place" itself lists the Australian Maoist “lastsuperpower” front as a “fraternal” website.

Apart from its pro-Iraqi war agenda, this grouplet of downunder's self-styled “anarcho-Stalinist” matches Cohen’s description of the SWP as people “not too keen on openness or democracy” and its history parallels what Kamm condemns in the SWP’s “totalitarian ideology, antisemitic bent and intolerant (and often thuggish) conduct”.

If Cohen is making a moral call -- and Harry's Place agrees -- where is the consistency?